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The SkEyesBox is a real time 3D aerial terrain point-cloud mapping system. It has a simple two-button interface and collects all data on a compactFlash card. SkEyesBox has been designed to operate on-board an unmanned helicopter. It has an optional auto-pilot system that can also fly the helicopter during mapping flights.

SkEyesBox SkEyesBox

SkEyesBox itch

SkEyesBox itch is the ground vehicle model of the SkEyesBox which can be connected to an automobile using a trailer hitch mount. It integrates an optical odometer to deal with GPS signal dropout during ground data collection. It can be installed on a variety of cars.


The SkEyesCam is a real time image stabilizer that integrates an IMU and a fisheye lens mounted on a camera. The system eliminates all rotational effects and outputs a stable video image. The system is virtually maintenance-free as there are no moving parts or gimbals.

SkEyesCam SkEyesCam SkEyesCam


ScribaLaser is a calibration support device and has been developed specifically to calibrate scanning laser systems.


Quick Process

Quick Process is a point-cloud display and manipulation tool. It is designed for SkEyesBox point-clouds and it exports data in different formats compatible with typical geospatial tools. It is part of the SkEyesBox system.


skINS is the post-processing software for the SkEyesBox. It combines data from external GPS post-processors to output higher-precision and more accurate point-clouds.


skFMS is the ground interface of the SkEyesBox auto-pilot system. It incorporates a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) function which warns if the helicopter is too close to the ground using registered a priori digital elevation map (DEM) data. It generates some NMEA compatible warning messages and therefore can be used by other auto-pilot systems